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Commercial Locksmith Services in Colorado Springs, Co

Access Control Systems

The term 'access control' refers to controlling access to facilities in a more definite way than by standard locks and keys. By simply reprogramming your electronic locks, you can grant, revoke, or limit access to your company's resources in just a few minutes and audit the locks to find out who has been inside. The keys cannot be duplicated, the locks can be time-zoned, and they provide the maximum level of security.


The name master-keying refers to the idea of having a "master" key which can access all the locks in a system. In sophisticated systems, different "levels" of access can be given to different people. Master-keying systems can get quite complicated and require careful planning by a knowledgeable expert.


Re-keying is the process of changing the pins in a lock's cylinder to work on a different key. The termre-keying generally implies this process along with creating new keys (with as many duplicates as necessary) and assuring that the old keys will no longer work the lock.
Access Control - Key-less Locks and Card Key Systems in Colorado Springs, CO

High-Security Locks

High-security locks are mechanical locks that provide more security than standard locks by using more complicated and precise parts. These can include an extra set of pins as well as mechanisms that resist picking or drilling. In addition, the key blanks are a different shape than standard blanks, so they cannot be obtained by normal means.

Lock Installation / Repair

Security is often complicated, and in the case of businesses, extend beyond simple knobs on office doors. We service a variety of locks on a variety of fixtures, from the main building entrance to desk drawers.

Emergency Services

If you have lost the keys to your office or are locked out of the building, we can help! Our locksmiths can get you in, and our vans are equipped to perform other services such as making keys on the spot.

Specialty Locks

Emergency Exits

Alarmed exit locks are most common in restaurants and malls. The benefits of an alarmed lock go beyond fire-related emergencies — they can alert you if a thief is trying to escape through a door that is required to be left open. Most have self-contained sound alarms, however they can be set up to alert you in a number of different ways. They are typically battery operated and warn with a beeping sound when the battery gets low, but may also be wired to run off the main power. Many of them allow you to over-ride the alarm with a key.

Panic Bars/Push Bars

Exit devices do not have to be alarmed, but in places of public gathering such as theaters, churches, and schools, they must be large and easy to activate to meet the fire code. These "panic bars" come in several different styles.
Push Bar Door - Key-less Locks and Card Key Systems in Colorado Springs, CO

Electrically Activated Locks

Most locks, even those referred to as "electronic", still require a manual device to engage and disengage the bolt. Electrically activated locks, however, provide added functionality by allowing remote activation. These are most commonly the "buzz-in" systems you see in use in apartment buildings and reception areas, but they can also be put on a timer to allow public access based on day and time. A common use for these is in laundromats and other places that are not staffed. The mechanical portion of these locks come in two general types — electrically activated latches, which control the latch, and electrically activated strikes, which control the strike plate. In the event of a power outage, these locks can be either "fail-safe", which default to an unlocked position, or "fail-secure", which default to a locked position.

Interchangeable Cores

Re-keying a lock is a simple procedure. However, for businesses with high employee or tenant turnover, the cost of repeatedly calling a locksmith can add up. For motels and other businesses that constantly give out access to their facilities, re-keying a lock quickly to prevent unauthorized access is a major concern. Interchangeable core locks are one solution to these problems. They look the same as regular locks, and can be keyed (or master-keyed) in the same way. However, a special "control key" can be used to remove the cylinder of the lock quickly, and replace it with a spare. The original can then be taken in to a locksmith, re-keyed at the customer's convenience, and become the next spare. Although costing more up front, interchangeable core locks easily pay for themselves, and are a great solution for emergencies as they can be swapped instantly. In addition, some high security lock makers have interchangeable cylinders that are compatible with other interchangeable core hardware.

Keyless Locks

Commercial keyless locks (also sometimes known as "cypher" locks) usually use combinations rather than keys. Low-end keyless locks are mechanical and typically hold just one combination, whereas high-end keyless locks are electronic, and are a form of access control. Combination locks are a simple solution for businesses that have high employee or tenant turnover and need to add or remove access frequently. Mechanical keyless locks have their own advantages such as not having to worry about power outages or batteries. In addition, combination locks have the added advantage of being without keys that can be lost or stolen, and combinations can be changed quickly. However, combinations can be "stolen" by watching careless users, so more caution is needed.

Double Doors

Securing double doors can be a challenge, as they often lock clumsily into each other instead of a stable frame. One way to compensate for this is by adding what is called a "mullion". This is a removable post that can be installed between the doors when locked. The doors then latch into it instead of each other which provides much more stability. We can also install a special lock that creates a "three point system" which, by throwing one lock, will bolt into the door frame at two points on the top and bottom as well as the adjacent door.

Specialty Products

ADA Compliant Hardware

The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) has its own Standards for Accessible Design, which regulates access for the disabled. This could mean adding levers or push bars rather than knobs. Being compliant with these standards can be confusing — if you have questions or need more information, please contact us.

Door Reinforcing Plates

Sometimes called "kickplates" or "magplates" depending on the location, having a reinforcing plate on your door will strengthen it to prevent break-ins, as well as covering cracks or splits in the wood that can result from doors that were kicked-in. They can also cover holes from previous knobs or deadbolts. We also sell heavy-duty strike plates which protect the area where the latch hits the door frame, which is a common weak link in forced-entry break-ins.

Key Boxes

Keyboxes are key storage units that can be accessed with a combination. They are used quite commonly in real estate when keys are required to be kept on-site. They can be permanently or temporarily installed.

Decorative Locks

Decorative locks are not necessarily for stylish homes. Upscale buildings or offices sometimes choose to install locks with high-quality finishes such as brass, steel, or bronze. We can custom order locks to fit your style of decor. Call us or come visit our shop for more information or to browse our selection.

Door Closers, Hinges, Etc.

We perform services and installations on many other door accessories including door closers and openers, hinges, and "door ajar" alarms which go off if a door is kept open for too long. For more details, please contact us.